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Opt in & enable Open Banking

Then the applicant just needs to provide their bank details, rather than excessive details for financial and/or landlord references.


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Data reviewed and verified

We’re given a snapshot of the applicant’s finances and our team of experts will make sure these match the information provided on the application.


HomeLet Service

Reference complete within two hours

We’ll return a complete & detailed reference within two working hours of receiving the application – so you can get the full picture even faster.

What is Same Day Intelligent Referencing?

We’ve combined pioneering referencing technology and a team of market leading referencing experts to create the perfect mix of people and technology – By using Open Banking we can verify an applicant’s financial information. Open Banking can be considered another sort of online banking transaction with the same security as you’d expect with online banking. Providing consent for Open Banking will allow intermediaries to provide us with access to the applicant’s financial information to accurately complete their reference.

We’ll be given a snapshot of an applicant’s finances, meaning there’ll be no need to provide endless paperwork or employer/landlord references. Same Day Intelligent Referencing means we can deliver your completed reference much faster, with the process usually completed within just a couple of hours.

The benefits of Same Day Intelligent Referencing

For you

Reduce the risk of fraud – transactions are verified using the applicant’s actual bank account information and can’t be edited or manipulated in any way.

Ensures data accuracy and produces a true reflection of consistency of salary and/or rental payments.

Can reduce void periods, meaning you can let your properties quicker than ever before.

Provides a real time snapshot of your applicant’s banking transactions relevant to income and rental payments.

For your applicants

A quick and secure way of providing the data we’d normally ask for as part of their reference.

No need to provide additional paperwork or personal documents – like months of bank statements or payslips.

Can help keep their move quiet and confidential.

Speeds up referencing process and move in faster – can be completed within two hours!

No more waiting for employer and landlord references.

Get the full picture, fast

As the UK’s largest tenant referencing company our aim is to make the process as quick and smooth as possible, so we can help get people moving as soon as possible.

Once the applicant completes their application form, they’ll have access to easily track the progress of their application as well as view whether there is any outstanding information required.

We also have over 100 trained referencing staff able to identify and act upon potentially fraudulent applications and ensure that all information is accurate and reliable.

HomeLet Referencing Processes

Any questions?

Speak to your HomeLet Account Manager about using Same Day Intelligent Referencing for you applications today.

How long does it take?

If your applicant has chosen to provide access through Open Banking Data, this check could be completed within two hours.

If the application needs to be processed manually for any of the references, our standard service level agreement is to complete 60% of references within 24 hours and 85% within 72 hours.

Why should I use Open Banking for my references?

Simple, quick and secure - typically we’d obtain verbal or written references to verify a tenant's application. If you utilise Open Banking, we can verify their income and rental history within just a couple of hours. So no more waiting!

How secure is it?

We get a one-time snapshot of the tenant's transactional history – there’s no tracking and we can’t access their account after it’s complete. The only information we do hold is that which we have used to complete the reference.

How will we know which transactions are salary?

We use the information provided on the tenant's application to identify relevant transactions from their account, then one of our team of referencing experts will review these against the information provided within the application form.

Will the reference fail if we don’t identify an applicant's income/rental payments?

No, not at all. If we can’t verify the information given us then we’ll just ask for a few more details so we can complete the application using the traditional method of speaking with any relevant referees.


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